I was surprised to find out a spark of interest regarding Zultanite lately. I knew about the gemstone and saw it many times but to say that it’s a competitor to Alexandrite is an overstatement. There is no doubt Zultanite is beautiful on its own but to compare it to Alexandrite based on the fact that two stones change color is in my opinion silly.  I also found that there are a lot of misleading photos of the stone online and decided to share my own photos of the stone and my gemological opinion about the stone. First let’s discuss some facts.

Zultanite changes color from light green to light raspberry. It is only being found in Turkey and that is the only source for this gemstone which makes it rare. Zultanite is not to be confused with Diaspore as Diaspore is the mineral and Zultanite is the gem.

In comparison Alexandrite was discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1834, Alexandrite and Zultanite’s names both have royal connections, Zultanite being named in honor of Ottoman sultans and Alexandrite being named for a Russian tsar, but which is rarer? While comparative rarity is always difficult to judge, in terms of natural occurrence, Zultanite is rarer. Zultanite is only mined in one country, while Alexandrite is currently mined in seven but in terms of beauty I think Alexandrite is far more beautiful. Alexandrite has its own colour- deep forest green that changes to deep raspberry color.

Zultanite looks like lemon quartz, it has a yellow-green color just like Prasiolite(lemon quartz). In candle light Zultanite is a little bit pinky but the color is not as vivid and not as fiery as in Alexandrite.

Alexandrite registers 8.5 out of 10 on the Mohs’ Hardness Scale white Zultanite registers 7 out of 10 on the Mohs’ Hardness Scale .

Although both stones are different and beautiful on its own I give my vote to Alexandrite. I find that Zultanite have been marketed far more that it should have been. If the stone didn’t change color nobody would even bother writing about it because the color of Zultanite simply reminds me of Prasiolite also known as lemon quartz. The demand for Alexandrite today even though it’s mined in seven countries as compare to one country in Zultanite’s case is still higher. Zultanite can be purchased at 200$-400$ per carat where as Alexandrite can be purchased at 400$-5,000$ per carat.

Please have a look at some photos I took of one of the finest Zultanite gem in both day light and candle light.

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