Introducing: The Jewellery Guru


Did you know that coffee tastes better with diamonds? literally….

Lets talk jewelry the way no one has talked before. Let’s talk truth. More than 92% of people buy jewelry without understanding how they are being deceived by the sales people. Are you one of them? I know I was.

Coming out of university with finance major I really didn’t know what to expect in the next few months that completely changed my life. I figured while looking for a dream job in my field ill settle for any job to make some dollars. An ad on Craigslist said “need a person knowledgeable in online sales to operate an online store”, luckily my part time job involved exactly that and I figured ill write couple lines and send my resume. I was hired to operate an online sales jewelry store.

Now I have a degree in gemology and a whole bunch of certificates in diamond grading, pearls, colored diamonds and gemstones.

I want everyone to understand that after being in jewelry for as long as I have, I know all the secrets and all the ways you are either being treated right or not by the sales people, as well as if you are getting a deal or not. The jewelry industry is a deceiving “dirty” industry which I happen to love because I have passion for jewelry and gemstones and because if it would not be this evil and complicated, then diamonds would not be valued as a “girls best friend” it would have simply been a natural mineral that sparkles.

Today is your lucky day!I want to help you in any way whether you are buying a diamond engagement ring or necklace. I want to be your jewellery guru and help you make the right decision. I will answer any questions and give you my input because I can and because I have no reason to deceive you!

Email me anytime! Ask questions on my blog! I will answer the same day if not hourJ

Yours truly, Jewellery Guru

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