China delivers new High-Quality Freshwater pearls!

Recent news has emerged out of China of an innovating technique to harvest freshwater pearls that are
approaching the quality of standard pearls worldwide. Grace Pearl is the company behind the project
which offers high quality pearls at a fraction of their usual saltwater cost. The typical cost of a saltwater
Tahitian half-inch white pearl, which are used to set the world standard, is anywhere between $ 25 –
35, whereas the Chinese freshwater pearls are available for anywhere between $ 4 – 8. This lucrative
price has led to the wholesale prices of half-inch white pearls dropping by 30 percent in the past several

These are impressive results from China, a country not often associated with extensive production of
jewellery. Apart from the affordable prices, the freshwater pearls can also come in a variety of new
colours such as vivid purple, pink, and bronze – a feature not common in saltwater pearls.Wonderful Colours!



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